Consulting Services

As of March 31, 2018, Katherine Kott Consulting is closed. Feel free to contact me for information about other academic library and/or organization development consultants.

Meeting design and facilitation:

As a trained and experienced facilitator, I work with you to design and execute effective meetings. Meeting design includes clarifying the purpose of the meeting, choosing a format, identifying stakeholders, setting the agenda, and planning activities to support outcomes. Facilitation provides a neutral presence to keep the meeting on track, insures that all stakeholder voices are heard, and monitors progress towards desired outcomes.

Organizational assessment, organizational change and redesign:

Your work system can benefit in a variety of ways from my extensive experience as a manager and leader, my familiarity with libraries and other cultural heritage organizations, and my theoretical knowledge of how work systems function. An assessment can involve an entire organization, a department, a team, or a process. The first step in an organizational assessment is to gather information from internal and external stakeholders about what is going well in the organization. A strengths-based approach creates energy, allows the best of the past to be retained and opens up positive possibilities for the future.

Once the assessment is completed, I work with members of the work system to make adjustments to strategy and organizational design. The solutions I offer are informed by systems thinking and most often involve a holistic approach to organizational change. Solutions may include structural or process changes, adjustments to reward systems, and training programs.

Team building:

At times, work teams can struggle to find the most productive modes for working together. When leadership or group membership changes, focusing on group formation can help the team reach its potential quickly. As a Keirsey Temperament certified professional, I often advise beginning with an assessment to identify team strengths and challenges.

Following the assessment, I work with team leaders and members to clarify roles and decision processes. Knowing who is responsible for what, and how decisions will be made goes a long way towards creating a high functioning team.

Getting stalled initiatives back on track:

A range of factors can cause even the best ideas to stall during implementation. Using a systems approach, I can identify obstacles and help you get your initiatives on track for successful completion.

Program development:

Establishing a new programs to meet stakeholder needs or to improve internal processes can be overwhelming. With standard program development methodologies for not-for-profit organizations, I offer support for program development including assessment plans.

Performance leadership:

A two-way, continuous process of observation, conversation, thinking, planning and coaching that occurs throughout the year ensures that all members of an organization take responsibility for meeting organizational goals. Making the Performance Process Work for You is a course I developed to show leaders how to align performance with organizational goals. through performance leadership.