Application of Bowen Theory to Organization Development Practice

At the end of May, I presented a summary of my dissertation findings to my dissertation committee and fellow Fielding Graduate University students. This event is called the Final Oral Review (FOR). My FOR was a webinar–but we had some technical difficulties, and the session was not recorded. I wanted to be able to share a summary of findings with the study participants and other folks who might be interested, so I created Application of Bowen Theory to Organization Development Practice, a movie of the FOR, created from the power point presentation with narration added.

The movie provides a summary of what I learned from twelve organization development consultants who use Bowen theory in their work–in just under 30 minutes. I was unable to capture the questions from participants in the “official” FOR webinar but would welcome questions or comments posted here.

Technical note: Although an improvement over the webinar, this recording is not flawless. There are a couple of places where the sound is distorted and words drop out of the narration. One slide–the one that shows demography of the participants–suffered in the Mac to movie conversion. Some of the labels ended up with random characters. For example, “retired” became re?red. Even with these imperfections, the basic ideas are accessible through this presentation.



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