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  • New Article on Strategic Planning

    I am pleased to report that an article Kathy Dabbour at California State University Northridge (CSUN) and I wrote has just been published in the Journal of Library Administration 57 (4). The article, Dialogic Approaches to Strategic Planning in Academic Libraries, a contribution to┬áthe Strategic Planning and Assessment column edited by Wanda V. Dole, discusses […]

  • Implementing Your Strategic Plan

    The plan is complete! You’ve engaged stakeholders and set new directions for the organization. Now what? What can you do to ensure the plan comes to life instead of being relegated to a drawer or posted on the web but never visited? The first challenge is to integrate the plan into the organization’s work so […]

  • Innovative Organizational Design in Academic Libraries

    Academic library leaders seek new organizational models to support the agility and experimentation needed to respond to an environment characterized by disruptive technological change. While some libraries have created new departments or units within their organizations to focus on digital library development or scholarly publishing, these new endeavors remain situated in traditional 19th century hierarchical […]